State of UX: 2020

In my work with companies of all sizes from 2010 to 2020 I’ve watched the industry of web design turn to sub-disciplines within the umbrella term: UX, or User Experience Design.

These are my findings about where the art and craft of UX Design is in 2020, where it’s been in certain cases, and what has emerged as the standard procedures in the World of UX Design

When my 1.5 year stint as UI/UX Designer for one of Michigan’s largest commercial printers ended in January of 2017, I started contracting and consulting for companies as a UI/UX Designer and Frontend Designer/Developer for some medium- to long-term contracts. Looking back on the last 6 or 8 years, I’ve worked with a total of 6 companies in industries from manufacturing to printing to financial advising software, and seen them all implementing a formalized UX design review process, in each case working to establish agile design and development methodology in their practices.

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